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Twitter Me Not

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I attended a Twitter conference this morning run by H20 Media. If you are new to Twitter, just check their newbie stuff. I will let you know where you can download the slides in a future post. Meanwhil...

New Years Resolutions – Where do I start?

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Baggage and extra mouths to feed are a killer right now. Networking and relationship building are essentials. What are you focussing your attention on?

Let’s get naked?

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Now that I have started writing again, I feel liberated. It's strange but it's taken 2 years to get back into it. I wanted to start after my 40th birthday as it seemed an appropriate time but unfortunately, it...

Last day of Rugby – Haka etc

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This has to be a very quick one which I will update later. Here are the last few moments of the Dubai Rugby Sevens 2009. New Zealand won. They did the haka. England didn't, they did the bus home. ...