I am not sure why it has been such a while since I last posted a message,  but it has.

Lots of interesting business developments and they will all help more people to find success in 2010 than ever before.

Not least putting the plans in place for the Dubai Football Sevens (more on that closer to the event).

Another big gig

On pitch at the Rugby World Cup Sevens

I have been working very hard on creating my pet project The Life Design Academy and this is now ready to go.

It just needs you.

It is a complete start to finish system on self improvement for anyone who wants to be able to use hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistsic Programming) and coaching skills to make a difference to others and themselves.

I will be asking a select handful of people to test it and give me feedback on the results.

I’m very excited.

I have presented the system to a couple of big corporates and they have all signed up already!

It is about to catch fire.

A motivators dream.

The first thing to become familiar with is this:

The Bank Of Life Credit Card…

Imagine if you were given the right to inherit as much of the world as you want.

The next thing is that everything is an ongoing journey that you face alone, but can share it with others along the way as you do.

The third thing is that you can really speed up your journey if you work with a mentor/coach.

The fourth is that school does not prepare you for any of this.

The fifth is that neither does your job.

Interested in a solution?

Well, lets start with most obvious question.

How much do you want it?

Why do you think that 95% of the planets wealth resides with about 10% of the population?

Because they want it and are willing to do more to get it than everyone else.

That is true, plus ALSO they know what to do.

Here’s a TV interview I did about Life Design

I will show the rest at a later date, but meanwhile…

I have a proposal for you.

  • How would you like to be amongst the first people to experience how powerful this knowledge can make you?
  • Do you have a dream of future success and dont know how to get it?
  • Have you ever wanted more and wondered how people with less talent, drive or ambition seem to have it all?

I will be offering 10 people the chance to be coached for free by me for two weeks.

That’s 14 days of cutting edge motivation, real life case studies and some of the most greatest insights you have ever heard.

I’m going to tell you how to get this very soon.

Remember only 10 lucky people will get this opportunity of a lifetime.

Make sure that you are registered at the Life Design Academy http://www.thelifedesignacademy.com

That’s where the first wave of Life Designers will come from.

One day it will all be over.

Until then… it’s game on.

Let’s play.



happy wheels 2 demo


Life Design

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