0:00 hi and a train doesn’t civil judge your entebbe
0:03 a multi-day be like design 6 every single day
0:07 last 12 months and in 365
0:10 it in all doesn’t feel like a business like it
0:14 as the like maybe even a lot like the shot sweet
0:17 and concise and I consulates and give it to you
0:20 and leave a 100 percents feel free to write it and say at least it’s okay to
0:25 publish
0:25 anyway hiya this one but today race simple
0:29 life is lost a dress rehearsal this is true
0:33 special looking at the same in used the opportunity to go back and do it all
0:37 again
0:38 like that’s a night may come from background believes in reincarnation
0:43 maybe think got second chance the comeback ended that’s your own personal
0:46 choice but one thing is true
0:48 what you have right here right now you will get a chance to do it all again
0:52 the same time remains concentrated and is that probably first time round
0:56 the only sell on your cell if you don’t get exactly what he wants
1:01 only education system we get your exams and you I’ll
1:05 let’s not let less most times in go back and do it again
1:08 differently without pressure home to get it right
1:12 sign right so that’s today’s tip like last
1:15 dress rehearsal this is real thing baby made the most delicious
1:19 and smile enjoy like isn’t it
1:23 means more

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