0:00 and it came on to another like isn’t it today’s tip is
0:04 all about nobody you only get one well then signs
0:08 make changes in remember wait a while and opens another body
0:12 the right now this is what you get so if you’re thinking what he should be
0:15 either sector all those thought slow
0:19 you let the lot more when you’re older but your body
0:22 progresses you’ll be able to do anything about it let’s listen
0:26 real perspective you know that we designed to be dead thought it said 30
0:30 people
0:31 or at least early thirties all that was it not salty rate say this but
0:35 couple hundred years ago grandparents with all your outlook on the beach
0:40 and PeopleSmart kids a lot younger but no signs
0:43 stay alive lot longer than that but not really
0:46 get to that safe and natural decline from a bit
0:50 the is going almost is hard to get energy is how did the
0:53 right is orch doesn’t seem to want to go
0:57 the truth is we like to stay alive insular
1:00 100 nowadays maybe even be on that list are placing limbs
1:05 and the weightless progressing he lost the
1:08 changing the light side so how to think about your body
1:11 start looking up to its the car the gay close
1:15 the house this is their real vehicle you gotta think about
1:19 say carousel wet pussy should work
1:22 the great lets it coming this that’s more

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