0:00 I and the incredible combats another great life isn’t it
0:03 and to them it’s all about family now I know you can choose your
0:06 on recon only choose your friends and trust me everybody’s family
0:10 as got crazy people in its some good people but some crazy people
0:14 one thing is for sure they might be the only people
0:17 against I like a real interests in you
0:21 so don’t be such a hot sign a bill to play with them that’s fine
0:25 get much distance that’s cool but also remember that one day
0:29 if they revealed your brothers and sisters you got it sorted for a little
0:32 while
0:33 the only people that and history all knowledge
0:36 love you your spouse’s duty not to be the
0:40 in skylight inside direction of your relationship
0:43 so your family lush needs it
0:46 in some way shape for must-see everybody does
0:50 that doesn’t mean that you should its the thing about family
0:54 and this only to call today and this guy
0:57 as the guy the you know that when that may not be around any
1:01 the ball isn’t it anyway lesson today
1:05 well not be isn’t it going straight sets

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