0:00 on the train and has the live sunset
0:03 this was about business you know when you’ve had enough you want to leave the
0:06 company you just I didn’t know Disney ready to go
0:09 or early fall on the client til it’s awesome anymore or whatever reason you
0:13 fill out this Sunday
0:15 take a step back I professional and I don’t want to
0:19 and though you really happy but you never know when a this is gonna come
0:22 back again
0:23 you will bump into them maybe may know somebody he you know
0:26 maybe somebody asks for her all about you the very
0:30 lastly what’s that you say that other professionals because he could miss on
0:34 the local opportunities
0:35 as a direct result to the way that you handle so
0:39 the techniques be able to deal with but that’s it
0:42 the show great moment you 2morrow so that’s left is I don’t sit
0:46 is even if get really frustrated and angry take a chill pill
0:50 a lead it does and other way and a share
0:54 exactly how you feel that’s the motto sake

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