Happy Xmas…

New Years Special Edition

New Years Special Edition

I wanted to share some thoughts with you whilst they are fresh in my mind.

I was recently invited to a social event (it does happen).

This was an expat wedding with some of Dubai’s most successful movers and shakers present.

The guest list read like a who’s who of media, commerce and enterprise. There were movers, shakers and candid risk takers.

Quite incredibly EVERYONE was upbeat about the current financial climate.

One newspaper magnate told me how the world loves to give us a bashing but things will return soon enough another financial guru told me how he’s already instructed his staff to take advantage of the down turn and double their annual revenue in the next 2 years!

A third guy, running a huge electronic goods chain said that he’d seen a huge drop in prices followed by a sharp rise in sales and was LOVING IT!

The average age of everyone I talked to was late 40’s and early 50’s.

So what did these ‘old timers’ know what we don’t know that made them so on top of their game?

Did they have more money than most?


Were they in industries that were recession proof industries that didn’t feel the pinch?

Definately not.

In fact the most ambitious talker amongst them had just laid off his PA that week and was upset to do so.

The difference was they knew it was time to stream line and invest in what is going to get them to where they needed to be.

Baggage and extra mouths to feed are a killer right now.

Networking and relationship building are essentials.

What are you focussing your attention on?

I want to help you get focussed and ready to step up to the mark.

We will start by analysing areas where you can make an incredible difference immediately.

New Years Special Edition

New Years Special Edition

Download your FREE New Years Resolution eBook at http://www.thelifedesignacademy.com

Don’t wait.

I won’t be keeping it available for free for long.

Do it now and tell a friend to do so too.

Ideally someone whom you might not see before Xmas.


Take the time to read through and I’ll show you how to start using it.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Once we are done, that’s your lot.



Today I watched a video on Google Wave. Do you want to see what the next generation of Facebook and Twitter looks like?

happy wheels 2 demo



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