Good morning.

It’s another gorgeous weekend in Dubai and I just wanted to share a little insight with you and a glimpse behind the scenes of what I do to recharge my own batteries.

It’s not easy or possible to be upbeat all the time, and why would you want to be?

Sometimes it’s fun being grumpy too.

The important thing is to know how to convert your emotions to be useful and positive, rather than damaging, painful or negative, once you have become aware of them.

I do that by creating ‘my happy place’.

Just like Happy Gilmore in Adam Sandler’s brilliant movie…

It doesn’t have to make perfect sense to anyone else. Just you.

Take a look at my own ‘happy place’ and think about creating that wonderful extension of life that keeps you ‘chilled out’ and restores you back to your game…

Your happy place can just live in your head too.

It doesn’t have to affect anyone else.

Once you have mastered that art, it will change your life.

Take a look at how you can use these techniques to speak fluent Martian in a clip from my upcoming stage hypnosis show.

How funny is that?

I will be performing at 7.30pm on Thursday 15th April 2010 at The Diamond Lounge above Fibber Magees behind the Crowne Plaze hotel on Sheikh Zayed Rd Dubai.

Tickets are priced at only 125 Dhs!!!

First come first served.

You can buy yours now at Timeout Ticketline here…

I can’t wait to do the show.

It’s going to be wicked.

If you’d like to experience being hypnotized (and it feels great) you can enjoy this feeling at home today!

  1. Just go to
  2. Register your contact details
  3. Then enjoy the ride…

Have an awesome day.



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