I promised that we’d start making great changes in 2010…

So lets start NOW…

Time for a change?

Let’s start with the biggest problem on the list..

Stopping Smoking For Life!

Smoking gets you friends

Busy weekend?

I have been inundated with people who want to stop smoking in the New Year.

There are various reasons for this.

1) Starting life afresh in the New Year.

2) Health scares.

3) Pregnancy.

4) Cost.

5) Pressures from family, friends and media.

Sounds familiar?

How can life be so cruel?

It used to be cool to smoke.

It's good to smoke

So what happened?

People died.

In their millions.

The big corporations covered it up for years and are still getting away with killing people like you.

I'm only hurting myself!

That’s all in the past.

Soooo 2009.

We all know that smoking is bad and it will eventually kill you. Before then you will have to also deal with the following things:

  • Nasty dog breath.
  • Health issues (heart disease, lung cancer etc).
  • Secondary cancer for loved ones.
  • Itchy pain when you can’t get a smoke.
  • Smokers cough.
  • Hair and clothes always smelling foul.
  • Yellowing and rotting your teeth.
  • Cutting your life expectancy.
  • Grimy stained fingers.
  • Spending a small fortune on nicotine.
  • Food with no taste.
  • Evidence that you are weak willed.
  • Making non smokers avoid your company.
  • Socially unacceptable behaviour.
  • Nasty areas of pubs, restaurant and airports only.
  • Deadly influence on young kids.
  • Dependence on tobacco companies for your fix.
  • Constant need to quit Vs fear of failure and pain.
  • Potential fire hazard.
  • Breathing problems.


So why do so many people keep doing it?

Habit? Yes.

Peer pressures (but I am a grown up now)? Yes.

Stress relief? Yes.

We could go on and on but the answer is ALL THE ABOVE plus more. The problem is once you are a nicotine addict it is virtually impossible to put your finger on one reason. This is because a habit is based in your subconscious mind and therefore it’s like an itch you can’t scratch but you can feel.

Iceberg Mind Model

Imagine your mind to be an iceberg with a small part above the surface (conscious mind) and most below (subconscious and unconscious). Above the surface are all the things that you can easily control like your will power, your decision making and your short term memory (are you thinking about what you had for breakfast? – you are now). Below the surface are the things that sit nestled into your mind’s powerful engine. This includes your imagination, long term memory, emotions, beliefs, values, senses, automatic protective factor, motor functions and habits.

Take a look at these two areas of the iceberg and guess which part contains all your links to smoking and nicotine. Yup. It’s all in your subconscious mind, which means that will power alone isn’t enough to be able to guarantee kicking the habit. You need help. Get some now.

I could go on, but all that matters is

What are you going to do about it now?


Not anyone else.

No-one else gets the blame today.

It’s all up to you.

Luckily I can help.

I can help you today.

Only read this if you want to stop smoking permanently and forever, otherwise snap out a cancer stick, light it up and ignore the following.

Of course, some people just stop. It can be done, but why make it so tough for yourself? You need a system that allows you to reprogramme your subconscious mind and make new habits. The medical profession recommends hypnotherapy as the number one cure for nicotine addiction.

Imagine a system that can reach into your subconscious mind and remove the source of your addiction and then bring you back whilst you are still asleep.

Treat yourself to a new lease of life this New Year. Contact me today or buy the system online but kick the habit today.

Stop Smoking Arabia

I haven’t adjusted the price yet but it will go from $87.99 up to $387.99 this week.

There is also a FREE download for you when you register.


Your clock is ticking…


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