0:00 Highland bakery and local not for the life sciences
0:03 today’s tip said you love Islam
0:06 everybody want to know what’s in it for that this is true
0:09 other think about it when you give money to charity why do you get money if he
0:13 did you make a New Jersey
0:15 to help because the because we care about the kids all the animals all all
0:19 all the lever is
0:20 well not quite you did because the way it makes me feel
0:24 that’s why he did not saying that cause unworthy
0:28 a bloody check into it moves to the charges actually people at the top
0:32 making a lot more money than actually goes the people all the animals
0:36 %uh because the child is all about that’s a separate thing when you get the
0:39 charity you too because it makes you feel good
0:42 and make you feel special and make you feel you’re in a really good thing
0:45 well everybody drought-like feel the same way so when you’re talking about
0:49 yourself and you think this is a great idea
0:51 great products great promotion a look at me the only thing that people are really
0:55 interested in
0:56 is what’s in it for me so the cum interested in them
1:00 he was surprised how much to be helped them bill
1:03 you back again another great let designs it coming at the same time tomorrow

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