I have been very busy rediscovering my passion.

I know that sounds slightly perverse but my wicked pastime is performing stage hypnosis shows and I very rarely get a chance to invite my friends to enjoy the experience with me.

I recently had a conversation with a colleague about the big question…

Why do I do them if they are such hard work and I can easily earn more cash doing corporate training and motivation with my Life design Academy?

Very simply- because I can.

I started writing my thoughts dow in this subject and then realised that it would be better to tell you face to face.

There are two videos here.

Once you’ve watched them, you will understand what makes me tick a whole load better and through that, what I can do for you.

Here’s the first part…

and now part 2…

Short and sweet?

I’d love you to join me at 7.30pm this Thursday 13th May at The Diamond Lounge above Fibber Magees and behind the KFC on Shk Zayed Rd.

Tickets are only 125 Dhs and you can buy them on the door.

Age limit is over 21s (it’s the law NOT me).

Check out more info on Facebook…

Click Here

I want to lead the way for cabarets based in Dubai to find their feet.

So much talent in town and so few ways for them to perform.

Maybe creating a Life Design Academy purely for entertainers s the answer?

We’ll save that conversation for another time.

Before I go, here’s a sneaky peak at what happened during my first night at the Diamond Lounge.

The Cheerleaders…

The bad school kids…

I have also just added this…

The lost number from my last show on the 29th of April

AND for those who like their cheerleaders to be a little more hot…

and YOU?

Have a great day.



If you want to experience what it feels like to be hypnotized in your own time, sign up at http://www.thedreamexperience.com follow the instructions and listen to the hypnotic audio.

You will love it!

happy wheels 2 demo

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