0:00 high and a crane welcome back to the left design said and today say
0:04 is that you can change the little what’s happened in the past
0:07 the matter was happening today it was going to happen in the future every
0:10 single day you get the opportunity to reinvent yourself
0:13 and the things completely difference despite what you think
0:16 you’re not set in your ways you can learn the language you can change your
0:20 body
0:20 in getting a haircut a different way yes I dozens and the decade is well
0:24 but you can reinvent itself on a daily basis so they’ll feel stuck in your ways
0:29 so one everybody do this well as many people alrighty stuck in their ways and
0:33 so we think differently
0:35 be can reinvent yourself so today he limiting beliefs
0:38 all the certain things stop you becoming the person usually want to be
0:42 is to take a break pose like hurry
0:45 invention think about features wanna be well he truly wants
0:49 and start again maybe you need a man so maybe leave them old ladies and Google
0:54 the subject
0:54 beacon change everythin it all starts
0:58 in here as today’s left isn’t it seasons and summer

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